Welcome to my portrait baby page!
A reborn baby that is made to look like a child or a photograph is called a portrait doll.
The first step in making a portrait doll is to choose a kit.( I will help you with that ) First you must decide if you want the reborn to resemble a baby who is sleeping or awake.you will send some photos of the baby to me. I always ask that the pictures that are sent are as close to the likeness of the reborn baby that you want.
After I carefully  study the pictures, I then find a kit that resembles the baby . Sometimes, I find more than one kit, I will email you the different kits and you can choose which one you love the best.
Once a kit has been chosen, the total cost can be calculated and the customer will pay the deposit ( half of total cost ) so that I can begin to create the portrait doll. Portrait dolls take a little more time and effort than the average custom order, 
Each custom reborn baby takes approximately three to four weeks to complete, and a deposit is required once you have chosen your doll kit. The remaining balance is due prior to the shipment of your reborn.
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