Welcome to my toddler reborn page!

below  you find  photos of any reborn toddler I have available at this time  ready  for  adoption.


******Ready  for  adoption******

24" tall small toddler reborn baby girl

Aspen Rose a Michelle Fagan sculpture

This lovely baby girl  have  micro rooted  human dark  hair  and lovely blue  eyes

Micro rooted  eye lashes and hand painted  eye brows, all my dolls  go home  with a lovely layette chosen by me  

with much  love  and  care, I also create all the crochet items for  each  doll.

She is  so cute!


Toddler Kathy  by Regina Swialkowski  

She is a standing toddler ,created  with genesis heat set paint, and micro rooted  with premium angora mohair, she  have hazel green  eyes, she  have  upper  and lower hand applied  eye lashes.

A very pretty  little  lady looking for a home!

She is  28"tall and  uses 12 months size  clothing.


                                                                                                                               **SOLD**     Gabriela 

                                                                  She  was rooted  with human hair strawberry blonde color





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