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                                                                                 About  the Artist


Hello welcome to my reborn art page !

My name is  Luciana and I am the reborn artist behind "Cuddly Angels Nursery" creations.

I have always enjoyed arts  and  crafts  since I was very young

I have a passion  for the reborn art form and I hope that it can be portrayed in my reborn artistry work.

I've been creating reborn babies ,toddlers, and animals since 2005.

May each one of my creations bring you joy of heart.



Now a little  bit about the  ****World  of  Reborn Artistry!****

A reborn doll is a manufactured vinyl doll that has been transformed to achieve as much realism as possible in

order to resemble a human baby.The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as Reborning,or now

the new term new-borning,and the doll artists are referred to as ,reborners.

Reborn dolls are also known as living dolls,The hobby of creating reborn dolls began around 1990 when

the doll enthusiasts wanted more realistic dolls.

Reborning involves numerous time consuming steps. The most basic form of the process involves taking

a vinyl doll, adding multiple layers of paint, and adding other physical features to the doll.

The hand rooting hair is also time consuming, takes hours to root a baby head, takes love,

and care and lots of time.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work !

Each baby or toddler are one of a kind Ooak,I also take custom orders, please contact me for more information


Thank you!



How to care for your reborn!

Your baby is no longer a play doll. It is now a heirloom quality collectable and needs to be handled very gently. Small children should not be allowed to play with it without adult  supervision, A good rule of thumb for handling is that you should not treat him/her in any way you would not treat a real newborn baby.

Your baby should be kept away from extreme heat and cold. Heat is more dangerous for him/her because the vinyl becomes very soft and pliable when heated and can become warped or even melt. Your baby should never be left in a hot car or displayed near any type of heat source.

Baby’s hair is micro  rooted, sealed inside the head with waterproof sealant. Should it become dusty, it can be gently brushed to remove the dust. Hair can be gently brushed and can be refreshed with a little sprits of water hair conditioner mix or child detangler. Baby should be kept away from moisture, which can cause damage to the cloth body.
Your baby wears real infant clothing and the outfit can be removed for washing.
Care should be taken when posing your reborn.Arms, legs and torso can be gently bent and posed but should never be forced. Extreme pressure on the seams of the body can cause tearing. The head can gently be manipulated forward and back, and turned from side to side, but again it should not be forced and should not be forced into any unnatural positions, as this can damage the seams.
If your baby is fitted with a magnet and magnetic pacifier
Do not allow children to play with these because of choking hazard. Keep away from animals (choking hazard.) Keep away from bank cards Etc. Do not allow near pacemakers and electrical health equipment. Pacifiers are very delicate and are for display purpose only.

keep pacifier and baby away  from electronics.

Enjoy your little  Angel!

Best wishes and  thank you for  giving one of my creations  a loving home




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